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Commodity Inspection

IEB Provides Global Commodity Inspection Services and limited to the industrial equipment such as pumps, valves and pressure vessels, etc.
The scope of work for commodity inspection is very similar to the pre-shipment inspection.
The commodity is inspected prior to shipment. This occurs either at the supplier's premises or such other premises as may be specified. The inspection seeks to ensure that the commodity strictly conforms to the agreed specifications
Based on the agreement between the buyer and seller, the commodity might be inspected by the buyer's own inspector or independent third-party inspector.
When a commodity inspected by buyer's own employee then it is a second party inspection.
The proforma invoice, purchase order, letter of credit, commodity specification and drawing must be reviewed by the inspector before physical inspection of commodity.
The third-party inspector must provide an inspection visit report to the purchaser and issue an inspection release note if the inspection result was satisfactory.
By receiving the release note, the seller can organize for shipment, and it is necessary to notify the inspector of the shipment date advance (if loading inspection is in the scope of inspection).